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Environmental Protection

Environmental protection - now and on a sustained basis - is very important to us.

SOLIDA complies with and takes account of all the major national and international environmental laws, regulations and standards.

All staff are involved in our continuous improvement process when it comes to our eco performance. In our daily business, we use energy and material resources in an efficient and environmentally friendly way and expect the same from our business partners.

Avoiding waste takes precedence over its recycling or disposal. We reduce emissions and waste to a minimum.

We use our DIN EN ISO 14001environmental management system to monitor and continuously improve the attainment of our objectives and further refine them.

The introduction of an energy management system is a logical consequence and supports the continuous improvement of our planned and existing energy-related objectives. It also makes sure that our reporting is systematically managed, checked and analysed.

Solida Gmbh & Co. KG building project

A combined heat and power unit, 20 kW electrical and 43 kW thermal …

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