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Shank ends for electro hammers

As an independent manufacturer, we produce insertion tools for almost every hammer types. Here you will find the most common variants. Should you not find the right shank end for your hammer here, please contact us. We would be glad to advise you.

SDS-plus round body

SDS-plus with hexagon

SDS-max (TE-Y Hilti)

SDS-top (TE-T Hilti)

12 x 40 mm

17 mm, 13 x 45 mm

19 mm with recess, 16,5 x 35 mm with groove for dustcap

19 mm with recess with groove for dustcap

19 x 82 mm

20,5 mm, 16 x 45 mm

17 mm, 13 x 75 mm

21 mm, with recess, 19 x 65 mm

22 mm, with 6 grooves (TE-S Hilti)

28 mm, with recess

30 mm, with recess, 24 x 55 mm

Further dimensions on request.
SOLIDA insertion tools are only intended and suitable for use as designed in machines equipped with matching tool carriers. Please, observe also the machine manufacturers’ operating instructions and safety notes. SOLIDA assumes no liability for misuse of this nature.