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Reports on the bauma in the media: rs1.tv and Radio RSG

The SOLISTAR and the developer in the Radio RSG Morning Show (german language)

The local media is highly interested in SOLIDA's new developments and reported on SOLIDA at the bauma.

On the first day of the trade fair, rs1.tv, the Remscheid-based TV station interviewed managing director Julia Broy and product developer Wolfgang Mühlhaus as part of the "On Tour" broadcasting format. He presented the SOLISTAR at the stand, the new star chisel with its revolutionary 8 cutting edges and dust grooves. The product stood out as an important fair highlight accentuating the innovation ability of the enterprise and the development work for more effectiveness in product application.

The largest local radio station, Radio RSG, also reported twice in its Morning Show about the SOLISTAR and the developer Wolfgang Mühlhaus. SOLIDA’s industrial and production manager talked about the product and the development team consisting of smiths and production specialists that achieved a convincing innovative performance. The success on the market - from feedback of the specialized trade to the use on the construction site - is a great motivation for the team.