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  • SOLIDA-Werk Werkzeugtechnik GmbH & Co.
  • Made in Germany

Tell me what you do, and I tell you what you will need!

Optimally implementing the force of the hammer. This is your target as well as ours.

That is why we have developed exactly the right insertion tools for the many different tasks where a hammer is needed.

More than 50 working ends

They all have some features in common: They implement the force of the hammer in an optimal way, they facilitate the work and make it faster. Each of our working ends is therefore highly economical. Whether you want to crash boulders in a quarry, encounter extremely resistant asphalt in road construction, install a lightning conductor, remove porous joints in masonry or remove a PVC floor: SOLIDA provides the tool solution for each of your projects.

One for all!

Your task is our target: Chiselling, breaking up, crushing, removing, bearing in and much more. Here we offer solutions for most different practical tasks. Whatever you want: SOLIDA offers you the optimum insertion tool for use in practice.

We are your drive-independent partner.

No matter whether you need insertion tools for hammers which are driven hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically, SOLIDA is always your partner for professional tools.

We are your hammer-independent partner.

SOLIDA tools are available for the most types of hammers throughout the world. No matter who is the manufacturer of your hammer, we will deliver your desired tool with the matching shank end.

In everything we do we first think of the best working end for your practical application. Get to know the wide variety of SOLIDA.

What is the optimal one?

Our specialists will quickly and simply advise you on the phone.
Just tell us the intended purpose and we will show you the
optimal tool: T +49 2191 3715-0