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  • SOLIDA-Werk Werkzeugtechnik GmbH & Co.
  • Made in Germany

The manufacturer

We are people of action!

You and your customers are the professionals when it comes to the relevant application. We are professionals in terms of production with a know-how that is unparalleled worldwide.

We have a firm belief: Our customers rely on us because we are the manufacturer. And that is a good thing. Because only as a manufacturer we are in a position to act quickly and with the highest quality claim. We always have an ear on you, the market and the requirements of our users.

That has already been our objective since 1946. At the time, there were already pneumatic hammers just as the first electric hammer. They started their triumphal march not until the 1960s, however. The world of hydraulic hammers opened about 10 years later. For this reason, SOLIDA is the manufacturer of insertion tools from the very start. A wealth of experience which is convincing.

We want to provide the best and thus our location has been in Remscheid right from the outset. The heart of tool manufacturing, world-famous as the city of tools, Remscheid stands for modern technology, innovation and experts with top-class know-how in equal measure.

Some 70 specialists introduce their knowledge every day into our production plant in Remscheid. They control the production with our forging technology which is unique in this industry.

We do not make any compromises, because our claim is an absolutely convincing quality which shows in practice what it can do, everywhere and globally for our customers: for professionals.

Our strength is production and innovation

We are said to have a perfectionist disposition. That may be, because we cannot do otherwise as a manufacturer.

For our developers the material is already a science in its own right: We have our own material development and use unique high performance steels. Our target is to manage tough applications. SOLIDA products are therefore optimally adjusted to their relevant intended purpose due to special hardening processes.

Where work is performed, the music plays. State-of-the-art forging technology is therefore barely good enough to manufacture perfected working ends of the SOLIDA tools.

From practical experience for practical application. To us, innovations must be tangible, because they must also stand the tangible test in the market. For this reason, we analyse all ideas and prototypes in our company test site.

New in the range is the moil point with explosive effect

The geometry of its point is not pyramidal, but it is spirally manufactured. Thus the chisel penetrates the material faster and increases erosion. The arising dust is effectively taken away, with the chisel not getting stuck. It is the new all-rounder with maximised removal rate for most different excavation works and for creating openings and breakthroughs into concrete, masonry of bricks and a many further materials. Ideally, also suitable for the use of removing loose stone.