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Application of pneumatictools

Only the one who knows his goal will find the path!

The mobile pneumatic hammers are multi-functional. Stone and black top still form the preferred range of application here, anyway.

A true word, also for insertion tools. Because also in road construction, which is the leading discipline for the use of pneumatic hammers, the right tool accounts for work progress. The application is not only depending on building materials and methods. But also often on weather conditions. Did you know that there are tools which turn a cold shoulder to slightly frozen ground? Especially in the area of road rehabilitation, there are high requirements. These include lower installation costs and minimisation of traffic obstruction. By means of selecting the right tools, precise reconstruction can be prepared in an optimal way.

State-of-the-art tools have a special cutting action, accelerating output due to extra large width, they are ergonomically angled and find application in asphalt or also in crushed stone. Or they serve to compact and are thus ideal for small-area patches in case of potholes and break-ups.

SOLIDA offers many ways for optimising the handling of the hammer. This is our target.

Exemplary insertion tools for pneumatic:

Long scaling chisel angled

Convinces by its ergonomically angled working end for optimal working angle. With extra large width and additional cutting action. For removing material on a larger scale, e.g. screed topping. For easy breaking up of asphalt. Ideal for work in slightly frozen ground.

Clay spade

The cutting specialist for use in road construction. Cuts asphalt or hard soil.

Digging Chisel

For universal digging in soil and loose stone. In addition it cuts thick asphalt.

Asphalt cutter

The wide specialist with rounded cutting edge. For heavy-duty road breaking, used in reconstruction of road surfaces. With high splitting strength.

Tamping tool with forged plate

For compacting gravel, sand, bulk material and soil, and for repairing crushed asphalt. Including adapter. Plate is replaceable.

We manufacture according to your wishes!

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