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  • Made in Germany

The new dimension of efficiency: SOLISTAR®

Professionals are always on the lookout for innovations with real added value. SOLIDA's developers have taken up this challenge: they created the SOLISTAR®. It is the new dimension when it comes to effective material breakup and removal and outstandingly effective in dissipating dust.

A world first that revolutionizes energy and time expenditure in demolition, breakup and renovation work.

The 4 sides of a standard bull-point chisel have been transformed into 8 cutting edges that dig into the material for targeted breaking up. As a result, with every stroke the SOLISTAR® achieves highly productive results in every construction site.


100% more cutting edges*
8 forged grooves

* than a normal bull point


SOLIDA professional alloy
Unique steel properties

This is how SOLISTAR® works in one minute:

Forged star head

SOLIDA's unique forging technology has made the facetted tip possible. Dust deposits are largely avoided by the reduction of smooth surfaces. Due to our special manufacturing process, the forged star head is extremely dimensionally stable, thus ensuring an enormous load capacity.

Unique material accounts for quality

SOLIDA's special steel alloy, with its outstanding material properties, is available worldwide exclusively from SOLIDA. Our unique SOLIDA steel is the key component for ensuring long life and economical use.

For electric and hydraulic hammers

The SOLISTAR® can be used in both technologies. For both electric hammers with SDS-max and other shank ends in different lengths or for hydraulic hammers up to a diameter of 49 mm and larger special customized versions.

Details for SOLISTAR®-Electro Details for SOLISTAR®-Hydraulic


Six outstanding features will convince you:

  • 100% more cutting edges*
    Faster penetration into the material
  • Twice as many percussion facets
    Higher breakthrough performance
  • Higher surface volume at the tip
    Optimal heat dissipation

  • Twice as many dust grooves
    More effective material removal
  • Forged star head
    High dimensional stability ensures long service life
  • SOLIDA special steel alloy
    Decisively longer service life, thus economical
    *than a standard bull point

The introductory range

For electric hammers: SDS-Max, 18 mm ø, 280/400/600 mm
For hydraulic hammers: up to 49 mm ø
Special designs on request

Order from our dealers

We can deliver our SOLISTAR® both from our introductory range and in special customized versions!

Talk to us and let us know your requirements and quantities
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