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Application of electrotools

It must not always be pointed or flat.

Special tools more and more outstrip the classic ones. The specialists among insertion tools are used if they can automate manual work highly economically. In the process, more and more industries resort to a wide selection of special tools. Thus, electricians not only use tools to create channels, but also electrode drivers when creating lightning systems.

Floor layers consider floor scrapers to be the right tool in order to remove various floor coverings.

Especially with heavy floors, pointed spades, clay spades and asphalt cutters are preferred over manual tools. They offer relief for the human being, accelerating work processes and thus increasing productivity.

Also when it comes to removing screed, the pointed and flat chisels have received an up-to-date addition. The wide scaling chisel simply removes material such as screed and also plaster faster.

The agile hammers in the electrical area more and more support the work steps of various trades and relieve manual work.

Which is the optimal one?
Our specialists will quickly and simply advise you on the phone. Just tell us the intended purpose and we will show you the optimal tool:
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Exemplary insertion tools for the electro hammer:

Variable channel chisel with glides

The 2in1 chisel for creating channels and subsequent chiselling of junction boxes and power outlets without any changing of tools. Ideal for variable channel depths due to sliding guides. For working sand-lime brick, brick and pumice with or without plaster, in new constructions and renovations.

Floor scraper

The ultimate removal tool among chisels, with extra wide, flexible scraper blade. For wide removal of adhesive residues, for removal of coating. For removal of carpet flooring, PVC, linoleum, vinyl, cork, among other things as tiles or carpeting. Scraper blade is replaceable.

Electrode driver

For fast mechanical driving of nails/conductors into the ground, e.g. for lightning arresters

Wide scaling chisel

With extra large width and additional cutting action. For universal removal of materials on a larger scale, e.g. plaster and screed.

We manufacture according to your wishes!

Please just contact us for further varieties, types, lengths and versions!
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