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  • SOLIDA-Werk Werkzeugtechnik GmbH & Co.
  • Made in Germany

Fettling tools by SOLIDA

Foundries count on SOLIDA when it comes to the post-processing of cast parts. The fettling tools for pneumatic hammers are made from a special steel, which significantly increases the lifespan of the tools and spikes. Only SOLIDA uses this material for fettling tools.

The custom special tools are developed precisely for the requirements of individual cast parts and are tailored to suit their geometry. In this way, the cost-intensive element of the post-processing of cast parts by hand can be reduced as much as possible.

The cleaning chisels, cleaning tools or spikes are used within the automotive sector in order to process complex hollow forms, as well as in machine construction, aerospace, shipbuilding, rail transport, mechanical engineering and synthetic casting.

SOLIDA fettling tools are produced for the separation of feeders, gates and gating systems, the removal of cores, descaling, the removal of burnt spots, de-sanding, the removal of moulding material residues or mineralisation, the correction of casting flaws, the cleaning of the surfaces, the removal of machining allowances or fettling – always precisely according to customer requirements.

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