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Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grube visits SOLIDA and participates in an interview with Managing Director Julia Broy

SOLIDA shapes the future. With this in mind, Prof. Rüdiger Grube was a guest at SOLIDA and in a joint interview with Managing Director Julia Broy answering questions from the Remscheid local TV station

For two years now, the entire SOLIDA team has moved forward in a planned change process. At the beginning of 2019, therefore, a staff meeting took place to which Prof. Rüdiger Grube, the former head of Deutsche Bahn, was invited as a speaker. As a mobility and change visionary, he took the entire workforce on a journey into the future. With his topic "Mobility in the digital age as an opportunity for the mid-sized sector", he presented convincing arguments in his delivery and in the subsequent discussion with the SOLIDA team. Changing and adapting in the age of acceleration and dealing with the transformation of processes is the stated goal. This is where the mid-sized sector can play out its agility and also score with its expertise and experience.

SOLIDA is on the right path here – everyone who participated in the process saw that confirmed – with the changes that have been implemented towards the new company orientation over the last two years and also in the future.

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