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Strategic future at SOLIDA: Expansion of the management board

SOLIDA, the well-known manufacturer of insertion tools for professionals, is expanding its management board. As from January 2017, Mrs Julia Broy together with Mr Thomas Schäfer has been responsible for the management and development of the company in order to ensure the strategic orientation to the future of the company. Within the framework of her overall responsibility Mrs Broy’s key activities are in the fields of sales and marketing as well as staff development.

Apart from the banking sector, Mrs Broy has been active as a coach and external consultant for several medium-sized companies. During the past fifteen years, she concentrated on the development and control of some most diverse sales organisation. The 41-year-old specialist stands out for her long-standing management responsibility and her achievements in staff management and development. Mrs Broy has been associated with SOLIDA for a longer time already. During the last two years, the business economist has supported SOLIDA decisively with the design of the brand profile and the reorientation of sales.

For 70 years now, SOLIDA has positioned itself as one of the worldwide most renowned manufacturers of insertion tools. Professional users count on the excellent quality of the tools. The company manufactures chisels and tools for more than 400 hammer manufacturers, and offers more than 5,000 variants for approx. 9,000 different types of hammers. Thus, the assortment range should be unique worldwide. SOLIDA as a manufacturer is behind many insertion tools of most diverse brands.

This special competence is the basis of the further orientation of the company, which Mrs Broy focuses on: “Our products convince the professional market. They satisfy the highest quality demands in continuous use. We are further developing the strong brand profile of SOLIDA specifically; the assortment policy will grow; new market requirements will follow and new markets will be opened up. With this sharpened portfolio, we are further expanding international sales and are supporting our business partners actively and directly.”

Last year already, for the 70th company jubilee, the entire appearance of SOLIDA has been changed. The family-owned company now acts dynamically, innovatively and oriented to professionals. Website and catalogue demonstrate the extraordinary competence. The slogan “Beat the hammer” clearly states the new orientation: The manufacturer of insertion tools for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric hammers sets standards. In the promotional film of the company, employees of SOLIDA demonstrate what convincing quality means in an example of unique forging process.

SOLIDA was founded in 1946, and is active now as an owner-operated family company in the third generation. The medium-sized company started with the production of hand tools first of all before along with increasing automation the specialisation on insertion tools took place in the 1970s. This manufacturing expertise of almost half a century with own material development, special hardening processes and the most modern forging technology makes the company as extraordinary as the highly modern integrated management system of a company policy geared to sustainability.

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