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The professional facts: What is SOLIDA quality really about?

For more than 70 years it has been a matter of fact: SOLIDA products stand for professional use. Many manufacturers deliver quality, but with professional quality the air is getting pretty thin. In tough continuous operation on the constructions sites of the world, the grain is separated from the chaff. The decisive criteria are longer service life, higher safety, shorter set-up times and further reduced workload.

Fact 1: Unique material

Good is just not good enough for us. The SOLIDA-steel quality is second to none. Geared to the requirements of the professionals, the quality has been developed in cooperation with various academies. After wide-range try-outs and tests, we have created a special alloy, which is exclusively available from SOLIDA. The material is that hard to be able machining or removing most various materials and yet, achieving excellent results. At the same time, it is also flexible enough to obtain maximum material security. The composition of our steel is outstanding and a well-guarded SOLIDA secret.

Fact 2: Through and through hardened

SOLIDA insertion tools impress with their inner values. Whilst many manufacturers promote surface hardening on the market, SOLIDA sticks to its promise. Our insertion tools are through-hardened. The tools manufactured by the SOLIDA technique feature throughout constant properties, no matter how many times they have been reground. Thus, you can expect constant high-level performance of the SOLIDA-tools until their tool life ends. In this way, the service life grows immensely making our tool extremely efficient in operation.

Fact 3: Forging perfection

In the branch, our forging technique is considered second to none. Thus, SOLIDA is the only manufacturer in the world, who is capable of forging biggest hydraulic tools to appr. 1/2 metric ton of weight, in addition to electric and pneumatic tools. This know-how and capability are unrivalled. Based on our state-of-the-art metal forming technology, we achieve such geometry in structure quality and strength, which convinces in professional applications.

Fact 4: Special geometries for professionals

Reduced workload in tough permanent use is the aim of our design engineers. They systematically design, together with professionals,  the optimum working end tailored to each job. Tried-out in our test area and proved in everyday practice, our tools featuring special geometries meet the requirements in optimum manner - they facilitate, support and accelerate sequences of operations.

Fact 5: The certification

Our SOLIDA manufacture has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. All the production procedures, production engineering, materials and team are committed to maximum quality. This guarantees what SOLIDA is all about. Quality for professionals.

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